The Halo Group

Timothy Oulton

Timothy Oulton - Founded by Creative Director Timothy Oulton, the Timothy Oulton brand was launched globally in 2008 and the first Timothy Oulton store was opened in August 2008 in HD Buttercup, Los Angeles. 



Michael Yeung

Michael Yeung attributes his core concept of furniture as functional art to a professor at his Canadian Art School, where the young student was preparing for his Masters in architecture. Exploration is the key to his design process and Yeung is known for re-thinking conventional expectations of the materials he works with.



Halo 1976

Halo Est 1976 is a collection that builds on Halo’s trusted reputation for quality handcrafted pieces, and is named after the commencement date of the original furniture business. The collection offers well mannered style, featuring the natural tones of timber and leather, and lightly distressed finishes.



Design by Bleu Nature

Founded in 1995, Bleu Nature came from Frank Lefebvre’s unique vision for driftwood. His passion is to breathe new life into driftwood, to combine it with other material like pebbles, lacquered wood, lacquered metal, leather, skins or acrylic glass.



Halo Touch

Halo Touch brings a new era of hand made leathers. Our leather is synonymous with quality, vintage inspire leathers. The success of Halo Touch is the development of exquisite, vintage, full aniline leathers. Our range is continually evolving and expanding, with daring finishes continually being developed and added.



Timothy Oulton

Established to transform Tim’s lifelong passion for design into real spaces, Timothy Oulton Studio is a multifunction practice delivering bespoke and innovative projects worldwide, with a focus on the hospitality sector. With extensive manufacturing workshops and suppliers in southern China and over 20 years’ experience in global logistics, Timothy Oulton Studio can offer a unique and unparalleled combination of services which also include an international furniture design team and experts in sourcing rare collectables. By sharing this wealth of resources with you, our client, we can make your vision a reality.