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Luxor high density pile shimmering viscose velvets combined with our signature Destroyed Black or new Nubuck Toratorel eathers. A perfect vintage glamour statement range with generous proportions. It’s beautiful leather stitched quilted outer frame inspired by 1980s leather jacket styles where quilting leather was a key style trend. A creative team favourite…

Specification & Options
Fabric FInishes Lux Seaglass, Lux Iron, Lux Bark, Lux Plum, Lux Taupe Lux Chocolate, Lux Indigo, Lux Mole, Lux Amber, Chambray Donkey, Chambray Flint, Chambray Gray, Chambray Indigo, Chambray Lavender, Chambray Mushroom
Leather Finishes Voyage Toratore, Voyage Chocolate Mustang Rust Outback Tan, Outback Chocolate Antique Whisky, Antique Tobacco Destroyed Raw, Destroyed Black Riders Mocha, Riders Nut, Riders Cocoa
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